Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Info:The Belly Fat Burner

Dark Chocolate - The Belly Fat Burner

Dark Chocolate: That is not a typo. Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants (nearly eight times the number found in strawberries) and it contains stimulants that can have a positive effect on fat burning, including theobromine and caffeine. It also contains a nice dose of oleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fat. Make sure to choose the 78% or higher cocoa levels for best results.

Another (Belly) Fat Burner - Green Tea

Green Tea: Not only does it contain a potent antioxidant, many scientific studies have linked green tea to increased fat burning, including a report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found green tea extract boosted the daytime metabolism of test subjects by 35- 43%.

Source: 15 Foods That Kill Belly Fat FAST by Josh Bezoni of


Hairil Rizal said...

Kenapa la agaknya bila kata 'fat burner' ni mesti rasanya pahit?


Dark choc boleh la, green tea tak bleh masuk kot?

Anonymous said...

wah..dark choc mmg suke tp green tea xleh ne nak tak buncit cm ni...huhuu

ChiKeDees said...

ubat sememangnya pahit..yang manis tu plak selalunya ker

atok said...

dlu kerja sushi king slalu mnum green tea, x rase papepong hahaha. maybe btol tp atok yg x rase haha

Cik Su said...

usha coklat kat sini japp..sedapnye..nak skit

si biskut said...

coklat p[on leh buat perasaan jadi tenang.kira leh stabilkan emosi yg berkecamuk.

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