Friday, November 29, 2013

Cloud Storage : Easy Way To Save File & Access It Anywhere Worldwide

"OMG!, my smartphone storage is almost full. Where to save all these pics? I don't have any external hard disk or PC..."

The answer is - sign up for a cloud storage.
Get your free storage when you sign up with these Top-4 Cloud Storages in the market.
The data stored can be retrieved from their respective website (you have to log in first) or you can install the application in your smartphone/tablet or computer.

Cloud storage services are so handy nowadays as it saves space on your portable drive, smartphone or computer; it syncs all your files throughout all your devices, its cross-platform compatibility and best of all, you can get storage space for free. Sharing big or multiple files is also made easy while it securely keeps your files away from public computers.

Comparison between Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Apple iCloud. Check out the competition, and see which service is right for you. Or you can have all four!

*iCloud lets you store only specific types of files like photos for free. To store iWork documents in the cloud, you need to buy iWork apps separately.

**Google Drive is focused on document storage. Google offers separate products—Google+ and Picasa—for photo storage and sharing.


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