Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Set Up Wifi Printer Easy Way

This was from my own experience, installing a wireless printer to my laptop. My printer model was Canon MX347 Wifi.

What you need;
1. a computer/laptop with Wifi
2. a printer with Wifi function also
3. Internet line/modem which we call  'access point' after this
*Note: Please install the printer driver to the computer first (CD that comes with the printer when you buy it)

A) Set the printer to the 'access point' (your internet modem - has SSID, and WEP/WPS Key or password)

1. Push 'ON' printer > MENU button > device settings > LAN settings > activate WLAN (WIFI turns blue)
2. Wireless LAN Setup > easy setup > choose your internet ID and enter the WEP key (password)
3. Print LAN details

B) Computer/Laptop to detect the printer (thru the 'access point')

1.control panel > devices and printers > add a printer > add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer
2.Searching printer - successful - add; but if not successful, click 'the printer that i want isnt listed'
3.Choose 'add a printer using TCP/IP address' > Next > Device type > Web services device
4.Fill in the blank the 'Hostname or IP addressing' with your IP; refer A)3.Print LAN details,
  your IP should be written in the printing.
5.Automatically, your printer will install/add the wireless printer. No need USB cable in this process.
6. Test print


P/S: I searched the market to find a printer that could connect directly to the computer using Wifi; without access point, and i could not find any.


Nazifa said...

wahhh hebat la kak..printer pn leh set up wifi ek

masmurni said...

haha.... xada hebat mna pun bulan... just xyah ada wayar jer...hehe

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